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Acknowledgement & Acceptance Of Limited Representation Agreement.

You agree that by purchasing a document or corporate formation filing through the Website, You agree and acknowledge that You have read and agreed to the following Limited Representation Agreement by the law firm, Selvarajah Law PC (the “Law Firm”), for the specific legal representation of You for the review of contractual documents and/or Corporate formation filings purchased by you, through the Website, only.

If You do not agree to be bound by this Limited Representation Agreement, please leave this Website immediately. The Law Firm only agrees to provide use of this Website and Services to You if You assent to this Limited Representation Agreement.

I confirm and agree to the following:

1. I am:

a. a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts OR State of New York; AND/OR

b. own/operate a business with a principal place of business within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts OR State of New York; AND/OR


c. the owner of a corporate entity within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or State of New York.


2. Scope of Representation. I, my business, my partner(s) (collectively “I” or “me” “ Client”), hereby retain the law office, Selvarajah Law P.C., (hereafter "Law Firm") to provide me with limited legal representation on the terms set forth below. I understand and agree that this representation is limited both in scope and time. With respect to the scope of this legal representation, the only task that I am asking the Law Firm to perform for me, and the only legal task that the Law Firm is agreeing to perform for me, is to provide legal business documents that I have designated by purchase via the StartupDox Website. I agree and confirm that upon the receipt of my completed documents and/or corporate formation filing, the Law Firm’s legal representation of my matter has been completed and the Law Firm owes me no further legal obligation or representation, unless I engage the Law Firm again for new engagement items and a new letter of representation and scope.

3. Further Legal Representation. If further legal assistance is needed beyond the scope of this Limited Representation Agreement, then I agree to negotiate new terms on another Agreement in writing with the Law Firm. I understand and agree that the Law Firm's representation of me will last only for a very limited period of time, and that after I have received the purchased documents and/or Corporate formation filing, the Law Firm will owe me no further duty to advise me or to take any action of any kind on my behalf. By entering into this agreement, I understand and agree that the Law Firm is not agreeing to any further or future representation of me by the Law Firm, and no such further or future
representation is included as a part of this limited representation.

4. Payment & Delivery of Services. I agree that this is a flat fee legal matter. I agree that I will receive my final documents and/or company filing documents only after I have submitted adequate payment that has been received by the Law Firm. I agree that I am responsible for all legal fees associated with this matter.

5. Document Delivery and Information. I agree and understand that my legal matter is dependent upon my effective conveyance of all necessary information required for this transaction to be completed by the Law Firm. I authorize the Law Firm to review and edit documents in furtherance of this limited representation including but not limited filings with the designated Secretary of State and formation of documents including any Operating or Shareholders Agreement. I agree to have all finalized and accepted documents by the Secretary of State, delivered directly to my designated email or
physical address only, and not to the Law firm’s mailing or email address.

6. Requested Information. I agree that I am still responsible for fulfilling the terms of this Agreement. I understand and agree that, while performing the limited legal service called for under this agreement, the Law Firm: (i) has relied entirely on the facts and information given to the Law Firm and will not make any independent investigation of the facts. My responsibilities are as follows: a) To inform the Law Firm of ALL pertinent and relevant information immediately to fulfill the purpose of this Agreement. b) Cooperate with the Law Firm, (Law Firm’s office), other Members by complying with all reasonable requests for information in connection with this transaction for which Law Firm is requesting services.
c) Review and evaluate all information provided by the Law Firm. d) Immediately notify the Law Firm of any changes of work, home addresses or telephone numbers.

7. DOCUMENT SPECIFIC PROVISIONS. I agree that upon purchase, I have unlimited time to create and use my document via my Startup Dox purchase link. I also acknowledge that I only have fourteen (14) days from the date of my purchase for me to submit myyour completed document for the complimentary review by the Law Firm. (Ex: Date of Purchase: January 1. Final date for document submission: January 15). If I do not submit my completed document for review within the fourteen (14) day allotment, I will forego my complimentary legal review session and must re-engage the Law Firm separately to review my document for another legal fee and engagement.

8. FILING/FORMATION SPECIFIC PROVISIONS. Law Firm filing and formation in Massachusetts and New York. Upon purchase and submission of the filing fees, I agree that I must submit all requested information by the Law Firm, via my Startup Dox purchase link and book my Complimentary Formation call before my Company is filed by the Law Firm. I acknowledge that I only have fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase for me to submit my information for
my Company Filing by the Law Firm. I also acknowledge that the Law Firm will NOT file my Company unless I have submitted my information, booked and attended my Complimentary Formation Call. I agree that if I do not submit the information, nor attend my Complimentary Formation Call, then I forfeit all filing fees and formation fees, and is thereby subject to the Law Firm’s schedule for filing, forthwith.

9. Confidentiality & Law Firm-Client Relationship. This Limited Legal Representation Agreement shall become effective upon my acceptance of the larger Website Terms of Purchase. My acceptance of this Limited Legal Representation Agreement will result in a Attorney-Client relationship being established between the Law Firm and me. I acknowledge and understand that, in connection with my assent, the Law Firm has also agreed to protect the confidentiality of any confidential client information and any Attorney-client privileged information contained in this legal matter and in the Law Firm's communications to me.

10. Jurisdiction & General Provisions. This Agreement may not be assigned by either party without the prior written consent of the other party. This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and permitted assigns of the parties hereto. This Agreement may not be changed, modified, released, discharged, abandoned, or otherwise amended, in whole or in part, except by an instrument in writing, signed by the parties hereto. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which the Law Firm is licensed to practice law and where my business and/or I reside (NEW YORK OR MASSACHUSETTS ONLY). This Agreement
contains the entire understanding and agreement between Law Firm and I with respect to the limited scope legal representation being provided.



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