A simple Single Member LLC allows you to have the “legal shield” for protecting your

assets while also giving you the credibility of having a formal company status.


  1. Formation Call with an Attorney licensed in MA. 

  2. Filing on your behalf with the State. We file everything.

  3. EIN. This is your Company’s Tax ID, so you can file with the IRS and open a business bank account.

  4. Single Member Operating Agreement. Attorney-drafted and Attorney-reviewed Operating Agreement customized to your particular LLC’s specifications and business dealings.

  5. Complimentary E-sign service, to execute your documents.

  6. Post-Formation Helpful Tips and Information. Forming a company is just the beginning! Now we build your foundation for a profitable company, starting with helpful information you need to file with state agencies, start your business team, file for commercial insurance and get your business contracts together.

  7. Complimentary Check-ins for ONE YEAR to keep you accountable during your first year as a new company. Each email check-in comes with a complimentary 30 mins consultation that you can have with our office.

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